Friday, June 29, 2012

Forest in Sunset Light

While going through a darker area of the path I was following with my friends I was distracted by a very dark forest along with a shallow light somewhere up the hill. I just couldn’t stand the temptation to just walk by that yellow-green light that filled my eyes. Mounted my tripod and with a slight fear went through the dark forest, hoping to reach the light before it vanishes.
Once I got there I was flooded by childhood memories, you know the ones where you used to run with other friends in a forest, playing without any worries, trying to make a tree house and ending up doing a fern one or when you saw your first adventure movie…imagine Peter Pan waiting for you to start an adventure here!


  1. We have the same blog's name! But I didn't write about photography though.

    I've mentioned about your blog in one of my posts, but it's in my language-Malay. Hope you wouldn't mind though.

    Btw awesome pictures! Love it.

    1. Hehe, that's nice. Of course I don't mind :). I'm a beginner here, I still don't know how to search for other users or blogs :D